Contemporary and Regional Cuisine

Creatively traditional is the perfect way to describe our cuisine!

Restaurant Le Sieur de Pabos offers tasty updated versions of traditional fare. Our dishes, made with fresh products from the Gaspé region, are creatively adapted to current trends. Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers an à la carte menu, a daily menu and a table d’hôte menu in the evening.

To add to your pleasure, Le Sieur de Pabos also boasts a fine wine list and a selection of Scotches.

Specialties: fish, seafood and steaks.

Our Menus

There is no Table d’hôte menu available in the summer season


Breakfast 7 am to 1 pm

Supper 5 pm to 10 pm

The Classics

One egg any style

Two eggs any style

One egg with one choice of meat

Two eggs with one choice of meat

Brunch plate (Two eggs, three meat, creton, beans and a small juice)

Gaspesian breakfast (Two eggs with bologna)

Breakfast club sandwich

Two eggs Benedict on English muffin with choice of meat

Bagel with Monsieur Emile smoked salmon

Two eggs Benedict with Monsieur Émile smoked salmon

For your sweet tooth
Served with syrup, coulis or English cream and coffee

Plain crepe

Chocolate banana crepe

Fruit crepe

French toast

French toast with fruit

Served with potatoes, toast, coffee or a small juice

Plain omelette

Cheese omelette

Ham omelette

Cheese and ham omelette

Western omelette ( ham, green onion and peppers)

Veggie omelette ( Tomatoes, peppers, green onion, mushrooms and olives )

Spanish omelette ( Bacon, sausage, tomatoes, peppers and green onion )

A healthy start
Served with coffee or a small juice

Fruit plate with English cream

Bowl of fruit with yogurt and granola

Healthy-start plate (Two poached eggs, cheese, yogurt, fruit and gluten-free bread)


On the go
Served with fruit, coffee or small juice

Plain bagel

Bagel with cream cheese

Grilled cheese sandwich

Western Sandwich

Bon matin sandwich ( served on English muffin or bagel, egg, ham, cheese and potatoes)

Children’s menu
(8 and under)

One egg, one choice of meat, potatoes and a slice of bread

Small ham and cheese omelette served with potatoes and a slice of bread

French toast

Plain crepe

Small chocolate banana crepe

Small fruit crepe

There is no lunch menu available in the summer season


Breakfast 7 am to 1 pm

Supper 5 pm to 10 pm

Soups and appetizers
Soup of the day
Homemade parmesan fondue
Vegetable samosas
Garlic escargots au gratin
Clam, Stimpson surf clam and Gaspesian shrimp chowder
« Fumoir Monsieur Émile » smoked salmon
Fresh burrata with balsamic glaze and Gaspesian fleur de sel
Fish soup with bread and 2 year aged « Perron » cheddar

Fish and seafood
Cod Meunière with duo of homemade marinated vegetables
Fresh cod filet burger
Seafood in a shell
Salmon tartare with pickles and fresh dill
Seafood mille-feuille (Shrimp, scallops, and crab)
Lobster or crab club sandwich
Seafood pizza

Beef and poultry
Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce
Chicken Cesar salad
Quebec-raised veal liver with bacon and onions
« Certified Angus Beef » burger with homemade BBQ sauce, 2 year aged “Perron” cheddar, bacon, crispy onions, and pickles
Chicken brochette on the grill
« Certified Angus Beef » tartare with chorizo et Xérès tomato confit
10oz « Certified Angus Beef » steak on the grill
7oz « Certified Angus Beef » filet mignon on the grill

Vegetarian options
Pizza with vegetables of the moment and artichokes
Homemade spaghetti Alfredo
Roasted pepper fresh ravioli from “Farine Basilic” with red pepper white butter sauce
Chickpea burger dressed to taste with « Firebarns » Sriracha mayo

Poutine with Le Sieur’s BBQ sauce
Italian poutine
Seafood poutine

Express menu
Quarter BBQ chicken leg
Quarter BBQ chicken breast
Club sandwich
All-dressed pizza

Children’s Menu
Chicken nuggets
Half spaghetti with homemade meat sauce
Small chicken Cesar salad
Half cod meunière


De Gras (Cabernet-Sauvignon/ Syrah,Chile)

Poças Coroa D’Ouro (Douro, Portugual)

Nespoli (Sangiovese, Italy)

Les Cranilles (Côtes-du-Rhône, France)

Georges Duboeuf (Brouilly, Beaujolais, France)

Sebastiani (Cabernet-Sauvignon, California, USA)

Château Bujan (Merlot, Bordeaux, France)

Cloudline (Pinot noir, Oregon, USA)

Chapitre Suivant (Pinot noir, Bourgogne, France)

Aponte (Torro, Spain)

Brunello Di Montalcino (Brunello, Italy)

Torres Mas La Plana (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Spain)



White Zinfandel Beringer (Zinfandel blanc, California, USA)

Château Bellevue La forêt (Côtes du Frontonnais, South West France)

Villa Conchi Cava Brut (Mousseux, Italy)

La Veuve Cliquot (Champagne, France)



Casa Ferreirinha Planalto (Douro, Portugal)

Ruffino Lumina (Pinot Grigio, Italy)

Yulambo The Y series (Viognier, Australia)

L’Orpailleur (Vidal/Seyval, Quebec, Canada)

Léa Fermes Bourdages (Vin de rhubarbe, Gaspé Peninsula, Canada)

Villa Maria Estate Private Bin (Sauvignon-blanc, New-Zelande)

Inama Soave (Garganega, Vénétie, Italy)

Albert Bichot (Chablis, France)

Meursault (Bourgogne, France)


J.P. Chenet (250ml) (Cabernet-Sauvignon/Syrah, France)

Les Jamelles (250ml) (Sauvignon blanc, France)

Vivolo di Sasso (375ml) (Merlot, Vénétie, Italy)

Marquis de Jouennes (375ml) (Bourgogne Aligoté, France)

Mouton Cadet rouge (375ml) (Bordeaux, France)

Mouton Cadet blanc (375ml) (Bordeaux, France)

Les Herbes Folles Gin (Cap-d’Espoir, Gaspésie) as a gin and tonic with cucumber or neat

Élixir de Gin – Les Herbes Folles (Cap-d’Espoir, Gaspésie) – on ice or with tonic

Avril Amaretto – on ice or with a little lemon

Sortilège Prestige 7-Year to be enjoyed on ice

La Crème de Menthe de Isabelle – with a little brandy or on ice

Chic Choc Spiced Rum on ice or rum-and-Coke style




Johnnie Walker Red
St. Leger
Tullibardine Sovereign
Arran Port Cask Finish
Lagavulin (aged 8 years)
Glenfiddich (aged 12 years)
Balvenie (aged 12 years)
Glenlivet Nàdurra



Framboisier – sparkling wine + raspberry liqueur

Mimosa – sparkling wine + orange juice

Grapefruit Gose – Pit Caribou sour beer (L’Anse-à-Beaufils, Gaspésie) + pink grapefruit juice



Coureur des Bois – maple cream, 15%

Saint-Crème – cream sugar cream, 17%

Baileys – Irish cream, 17%

Tia Maria – coffee cream, 20%

Hywilde – coffee liqueur, 30%

Sortilège – whisky and maple syrup liqueur, 30%



Herbes folles (Cap-d’Espoir, Gaspésie)
Elixir de gin  (Cap-d’Espoir, Gaspésie)
Radoune (Gaspé, Gaspésie)

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Le Sieur de Pabos

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Local Products

We are proud to showcase Gaspesian and Quebec products in every meal we serve. We are also proud members of Gaspésie Gourmande and hold the Aliments du Québec certification.

In our continuing efforts to promote less widely known fish and seafood from the St. Lawrence on our menu, we also hold the Fourchette bleue certification.

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